The Embroidery Barn has been doing what it does best for twenty years. When it comes to embroidery and printing, it’s fair to say we know our stuff.

Based in a barn just outside of Dorchester and over the hill from Weymouth, we work with local schools, sports teams, businesses, universities, theatres and well, just about anyone.

In our time we’ve embroidered polo shirts and skirts, dressing gowns and pj’s, bags and flags, badges and beanies, jackets and gilets. You name it, we’ve probably embroidered it - and if we haven’t, we’re more than up for giving it a go!

When it comes to printing, our work has been seen on sails for the olympic sailing team as well as banners for businesses, signs and PR material, stickers and clothing brands. We’ve got a monster of a machine who can take the most tricky of designs and bring them to life on whatever you need it to.

As for us, we’re a small team (who pack a punch!).

The bottom line? We do a really good job, prioritising quality over anything else, every time. If you have anything you need embroidered or printed, get in touch and we’ll make it happen for you.